「ついぴくまとめ4」/「ノビタ」の作品 [pixiv] #pixitail

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Title: Song for a Warrior Artist: Swans 382 plays


There is a growing golden light
A flower unfolding behind the mirror of your eyes

”..was just looking around the net, thinking of songs to work up for our next tour, and came across this one (though it won’t work live), and was moved by the memory of karen singing beautifully this song i wrote for my daughter. she understood immediately the sentiment of the song and was so generous to do this! i thank her here. this is a love letter to my daughter, and i hope that in time, when i’m gone, she can keep this as a memory of my love for her…” - Michael Gira

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Title: 微かなカオリ Artist: Perfume 2,450 plays

Perfume - Kasuka na Kaori

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Cordylus cataphractus

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Finally got the TA light set for my necro, I’m so happy!!

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Anonymous asked: have people been openly sexist to you about you being a woman in the gaming industry?



Yes and no.

I am lucky to not experience sexual harassment because I am simply not very hot. It’s actually something I’m fine with. I try to stay somewhat presentable for the sake of respect, but plain enough that no one wants to be anything more than friends or coworkers with me. If you’re very boring in terms of outwards appearance it also makes your art stand out more, I think. lol. Mindgames

In terms of playing games, I usually don’t state my gender so I’m auto-assumed male and left alone. I always see female players harrassed, or shitty things said about women in general though. That’s the thing I can’t stand about the gaming community/industry, not personally-directed sexism but sexist statements/actions made about other women/women as a whole. Wherever I go, there’s always somebody saying something ignorant or biased about women and it can feel so draining and hopeless. At the same time, the clamoring social justice movement at times makes me feel drained and hopeless as well.

In terms of making games, nobody questions my ability/capability due to my gender. I’m lucky enough to be studying game design in a really supportive and open environment that doesnt stand for prejudice against any race, gender or background. Also the good thing about being in art is that your work will speak for itself. 

But I do worry about style and subject matter. I hate it when people are like “girls draw a certain way” “guys are better than girls at drawing this, and girls are better than guys at drawing this”, or “girls like to draw this and guys like to draw this”. And you know why I hate it? Cause often it seems TRUE! I never see girls draw mechs! I never see guys dedicate themselves to drawing cuteness the way girls do. I see some girls draw nothing but a ton of pretty faces. I see some guys draw nothing but hot girls. I can usually discern the gender of a young artist by the way they depict the opposite gender, aside from Asian concept artists cause jesus its legitimately impossible. Of course there will always be exceptions. I’ve seen a lot of exceptions. But Ive also seen a lot of art. And a pattern does exist in what Ive seen.

And it freaks me out. And it makes me paranoid. If I’m assigned something cute, Im like “is it coincidence? Is it because they think I as a female would be better at cute?” or if I draw something cute, would they think “of course she would want to make it cute! She’s a girl!”? Like goddamn. I actually don’t like cute things. I don’t want to be misunderstood or judged because of my gender! At the same time, I don’t know if people are actually judging or whether it’s all in my head, cause this isn’t stuff they’re going to outwardly tell you. Maybe I’m the one that’s sexist.

This is a great post. Speaking of what people assume to throw on top of this. Since I’m technical and very foundation/science driven and I draw more mechs and sci if in my spare time then fantasy. People assume 1. I’m male 2. I’m of Asian descent. Or both of these assumptions. I blow their minds when I tell them I’m half Native American AND a female.

But I’m in the same boat where it doesn’t really matter as much as the quality of my work. I want people to see me as a capable professional. Not just some girl who draws ect. as my identity. Because really being a girl was never a big deal to me haha, there are more females then men in the states. I have 4 little sisters and they all have jobs coding or engineering or something way more cool then me. Hell even my mom codes.

Overall I think being a female working in gaming is only weird when people make it weird for you.

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Title: Houston (Re-Arranged by KIRINJI) Artist: Katamari Forever 673 plays

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